Brightening Synergy 12

$95.00 $49.00

Featuring 6 types of hyaluronic acids
▪ 4 anti-wrinkle peptides
▪ Unique vitamin B complex
▪ Extremely nourishing and hydration
▪ Mild toning and astringent properties
▪ Superior firming and tightening
▪ Reduces redness
▪ Brightens complexion


Features hyper-strength rehydration serum with six forms
of hyaluronic compounds with varying molecular weights.
It also includes a variety of bioactive whitening peptides,
vitamin B12, B5 and natural rose polyphenolic essence synergized to achieve skin lift and tightness. Suitable for anti-wrinkle, deeply hydrating and skin tone lightening. For all skin types.


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