Yudith E Alvarez

Founder, Owner

Yudith Alvarez founded YEA Cosmetics in 2008. The brand’s concept was Inspired by the Biblical account of Queen Esther, a strong and steadfast woman who entered into an extended and intensive beautification process before she could be taken before the king to be considered for marriage. After becoming queen, she methodically and cunningly fought in defense of her disenfranchised people by convincing the king to spare their lives.

Ignorant to his wife’s heritage, he was surprised to learn of his queen’s true identity, but by then, he had already fallen in love and spared her people in her honor. Yudith’s faith served as the impetus of her launch of YEA, and many of the brand’s core values stem from it.

Yea Cosmetics

We’re a brand that promotes the idea of using makeup and skin care products to simply enhance a woman’s natural beauty, and we strive to help our customers understand that to have self-love and inner beauty means to accept oneself as one is, while working steadily toward shedding negativity from one’s life. A truly beautiful woman will relentlessly seek-out purpose in her life until she realizes her true identity. The story of Esther is woven into the very fabric of the company’s vision of helping women find the queen inside of each of them.