Gifts for Her

Ladies should be showered with love everyday, but this holiday season squeeze all  your appreciation for her into one day. Give her the gift of beautiful, younger-looking skin every time she starts her day.

Here are just some of the products perfect for your Queen:

1) Duo Fiber Foundation Brush: Perfect for fast and easy application. The variation of bristles makes for a soft and dusty finish. Ideal for powder foundations.

2) Anti-Aging Foundation: Green & White Tea Extract, Duo Peptide and Nutri-layer. Every indulgence she could wish for in her beauty routine. Natural components make for timeless results. Pair it with the Duo Fiber Foundation Brush to achieve flawless results with ease.

3) Enzyme Eye Cream: Ladies should sport designer bags, not ones under her eyes. Made with fruit extract and hydrating characters to feed those tired skin cells, bringing her eyes back to total fruition after every application.

4) Enzyme Night Cream: Beauty sleep is a lost art my mother says. Make up for it. This cream feeds enzymes to her dormant pores all night long. Remember, our ladies have seen plenty of long nights, let’s make the ones moving forward worthwhile.

5) Demi-Matte Hydrating Lipstick: Whether its the boardroom or the club, create the perfect lips for any situation with our hydrating-formula and demi-matte finish.

Make your favorite lady feel like she’s in her best skin with Yea Cosmetics. Come visit us to pick up any of these products or order online.

With Love & Beauty,

Yudith & The Estherchic Team

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