YEA Academy

YEA Academy is a resource for women that desire growth in their professional and personal lives.

By way of our workshops, we will educate girls within the age-range of middle school to high school, as well as women, to become fiscally successful. We will be exploring the business of Makeup Artistry among other interesting subjects that are beneficial to entrepreneurs within our industry. There will be a specialized engagement focused on finance, leadership, skills training and other beneficial components of entrepreneurship.

Ultimately, we would like our students to become independent thinkers, self-motivated and successful while understanding how to remain that way. Women hold the potential of changing the world, through self-awareness and the understanding of how who they are can benefit others in need of help; we are going to teach them how it can be done within the promising industry of Beauty. Essentially, we’ve been blessed to know what we know, and we’d like to share that with you.

Please contact us with any questions regarding course details and scheduling.