• YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Canvas-Beige
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Pale-Ivory
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Light-Beige
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Honey-Beige
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Beige-Ochre
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Rich-Beige
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Light-Sunset
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Warm-Sunset
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Oriental-Ivory
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Antique-Beige
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Warm-Beige
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Forever-Beige
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Southern-Tan
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Cafe-Latte
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Chestnut
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Rich-Coffee
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Deep-Cocoa
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Sand
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Mocha
  • YEA-Mineral-Dual-foundation—Nude

Mineral Powder Foundation


  • Description

    Mineral Based Oil-Free Wet / Dry

    A velvety oil-free powder foundation, may be applied wet or dry to produce a smooth matte finish. Sponge included.


    A high quality foundation that provides excellent coverage.

    May be used as a finishing powder over liquid foundation to provide an oil-free, long lasting, velvet finish.

    Formulated with many natural ingredients: Dimethicone – helps to retain moisture. Aloe Vera – freeze dried upon harvesting to retain freshness, preserve moisture and provides a soothing effect. Lecithin – a natural anti-oxidant. Silica – a natural ingredient that provides a water resistant effect. Sorbitan Sesquioleate – an emulsifier derived from berries, seaweed and algae. Titanium Dioxide – a sunscreen that filters UV rays and has deflective properties.

  • Additional Information

    Nude, Canvas Beige, Pale Ivory, Light Beige, Honey Beige, Beige Ochre, Rich Beige, Light Sunset, Warm Sunset, Oriental Ivory, Antique Beige, Warm Beige, Forever Beige, Southern Tan, Cafe Latte, Chesnut, Rich Coffee, Deep Cocoa, Sand, Mocha

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