BHA Serum


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    This low pH, Glycolic Acid formulation improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles, lightens uneven pigmentation and helps unclog your pores. Lightly textured, this gentle cellular micro exfoliation brightens skin’s clarity and skin tone.  Daily use leads to a more refined, smooth complexion.

    Benefits of Glycolic Gel: 

    • Gently removes dry, outer layers of skin
    • Lessens the appearance of hyper pigmentation and fine lines
    • Helps clear breakouts

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    How to Use

    After cleansing skin, apply a dime-sized drop daily to fingertips and spread evenly on to face.  For first two weeks, rinse off after 10-20 minutes.  After two weeks, if well tolerated, rinsing off is optional. Always apply in front of a well-lit mirror. Never apply to red, irritated, or peeling skin.

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