The Natural Look

No one loves a cakey face. Remember the saying less is more? When pertaining to beauty it fits like a glove. A good natural look can go a long way. The timelessness of a perfectly moisturized face and the balance formula of foundation and highlights like liner, bronzer or blush never fails.
Achieving this look takes some practice because finding the products, shades and hues that work for us is a timely matter. Takes exploring through cluttered drugstore aisles, spending a little too much at Sephora and holding on to a the powder that no longer has any visible labels. Good news is, once you’ve got through this mighty process, you’ll always be the belle of the ball, even at the office.

Here’s what you need:



Finding one that can do the purpose of both would be hitting the jackpot, but no worries if you just prefer either or. Both will set your skin for a perfect full-face application and keep your look on all day.



This is your base. The right foundation matches your skin;s texture, potential and overall characteristics. Finding the perfect shade can be tricky but that’s what the specialist are for. Although your coming a little more out of pocket, speciality beauty retailers hire only the best to walk you through the hues that are perfect for you. You’ll figure out things like, are you cool or warm? Liquid or powder? After this is said and done, the following components to a natural-routine look is child’s play.



This comes with practice but the effect is magical. Let’s say you suffer from under eye bags? or you don’t have Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones, no need to fret. Placing a a little concealer or highlighter n the right area of your face can conceal any areas that aren’t your favorite or give you some serious definition.



If your just not the full face girl, mascara is your best friend. Mascara adds an ultra feminine touch to your profile. You can go dramatic and pack on the layers or abide to an effortless vibe and go for a version that gives you length. Anywho? perfect for any natural take.



Either of these are the perfect ending touch. Perfect for going towards a summertime glow or a sweet dusty look.


Brow Filler:

Eyebrows make the face. No discussion.


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