Essential Oils; Why You Need Them


An ancient art of skin, cosmetic and even spiritual therapy, essential oils can play a major role in our daily routine. Their made from the very extracts of Mother Earth’s botanicals and serve for anything from anxiety to weight loss and even for balancing our skin’s overall state. Each essential oil’s complex, pleasant, and unique scent activates the limbic system. As human’s (more so as women), we have the ability to see through scent and smell through vision. Get it? We’re able to encounter an emotion by the smell of a object like a rose or fresh laundry. Vice versa, envisioning yourself sitting in a party of posy’s can literally bring you into the exact euphoric state the actual act would. Used via methods of diffusion, literal consumption, topically, and a beautiful edge on your average massage. Oils like Jasmine emit an essence of total grace and feminism, it relaxes, soothes and uplifts skin tendencies.

Also, great for complementing your favorite shampoos, lotions and skin care products. Diffusing oils like Peace & Calming will turn your home into an absolute oasis of divinity. Let’s say diet is your drag, oils like NixiaRed or OmegaGize can provide you with all the nutrients and energy inducing extracts to get your body up to par. Incorporating essential oils can be your touch on a more fulfilling, present and balanced life.

The Natural Look

No one loves a cakey face. Remember the saying less is more? When pertaining to beauty it fits like a glove. A good natural look can go a long way. The timelessness of a perfectly moisturized face and the balance formula of foundation and highlights like liner, bronzer or blush never fails.
Achieving this look takes some practice because finding the products, shades and hues that work for us is a timely matter. Takes exploring through cluttered drugstore aisles, spending a little too much at Sephora and holding on to a the powder that no longer has any visible labels. Good news is, once you’ve got through this mighty process, you’ll always be the belle of the ball, even at the office.

Here’s what you need:



Finding one that can do the purpose of both would be hitting the jackpot, but no worries if you just prefer either or. Both will set your skin for a perfect full-face application and keep your look on all day.



This is your base. The right foundation matches your skin;s texture, potential and overall characteristics. Finding the perfect shade can be tricky but that’s what the specialist are for. Although your coming a little more out of pocket, speciality beauty retailers hire only the best to walk you through the hues that are perfect for you. You’ll figure out things like, are you cool or warm? Liquid or powder? After this is said and done, the following components to a natural-routine look is child’s play.



This comes with practice but the effect is magical. Let’s say you suffer from under eye bags? or you don’t have Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones, no need to fret. Placing a a little concealer or highlighter n the right area of your face can conceal any areas that aren’t your favorite or give you some serious definition.



If your just not the full face girl, mascara is your best friend. Mascara adds an ultra feminine touch to your profile. You can go dramatic and pack on the layers or abide to an effortless vibe and go for a version that gives you length. Anywho? perfect for any natural take.



Either of these are the perfect ending touch. Perfect for going towards a summertime glow or a sweet dusty look.


Brow Filler:

Eyebrows make the face. No discussion.


SPF: Your Beauty Regimen’s Best Friend


You can’t feel it, you can’t see it…but it’s totally a beauty bestie.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor (SPF). The level of SPF in a sunscreen or moisturiser demonstrates its ability to delay sun-induced damage. The higher the level of SPF, the more protection it offers against UVB – the ultraviolet radiation rays which causes sunburn. Sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging, proactive wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. Dullness, discoloration and uneven skin tone can also be a result of skin that has been damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. By incorporating adequate sun protection into your daily routine you can combat the effects of the sun’s overexposure. We might have a mental picture of a heavy white consistency from watching movies in the 80’s but beauty manufacturers have found a way to make every form of SPF lightweight, instantly absorbent and just as effective. Applying during your moisturizing will make staying protected a breeze. The only kind of behavior we want to be indulging in this season.

Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin looking younger, longer.  But it doesn’t mean you have to slop heavy, sticky sunscreen on your face every morning.  Opting for cosmetics that come with any level of sunblock will do the trick. Here’s some in-house products that pack the perfect punch of beauty and protection:

Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation SPF 15
Brightening Day Protection SPF 50
Brightening CC Cream SPF 20
BB Cream SPF 30

Gifts for Her

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Although mama’s should be showered with love everyday, it’s the holiday where squeezing all  your appreciation for her in one day is quite alright. The gift of beauty is one she’ll never forget as she’ll be reminded every time she starts a new day.

Here are some key product perfect for any Mama-Queen:

1) Duo Fiber Foundation Brush: Perfect for fast and easy application. The variation of bristles makes for a soft and dusty finish. Ideal for powder foundations.

2) Anti-Aging Foundation: Green & White Tea Extract, Duo Peptide and Nutri-layer. Everything she’d wish you’d indulge in for your own beauty routine. Natural components make for timeless results. Paired with her new Duo Fiber achieving flawless with be over-easy.

3) Enzyme Eye Cream: Mama should only sport designer bags not ones under her eyes. Made with fruit extract and hydrating characters to feed those tired skin cells, bringing her eyes back to total fruition after every application.

4) Enzyme Night Cream: Beauty sleep is a lost art my mother says. Make up for it. This cream feeds enzymes to her dormant pores all night long. Remember, our ladies have seen plenty of long nights, let’s make the ones moving forward worth while.

5) Demi-Matte Hydrating Lipstick: The perfect lip will take you in and around any crowd or pickle. She’ll tell you so.

Make your favorite lady feel like she’s in her best skin with Yea Cosmetics. Come visit us to pick up any of these goodies or order online.

With Love & Beauty,

Yudith & The Estherchic Team

  • Prom Beauty Trends 2015
  • Prom Beauty Trends 2015
  • Prom Beauty Trends 2015
  • Prom Beauty Trends 2015
  • Prom Beauty Trends 2015
  • Prom Beauty Trends 2015
  • Prom Beauty Trends 2015
  • Prom Beauty Trends 2015

Prom Beauty Trends 2015


Prom 2015 is right around the corner and we’re all about getting into some serious glam. We’ve rounded up our favorite trending beauty looks for you #beautyqueens to get inspired by! This year’s beauty trends were all about natural components like mineral based products and matte finishes , clever sculpting aka contouring and radiant details like the perfect highlighter or shimmer. Pops of color on the lips also play as the perfect extra touch but dusty neutrals aka matte-matte-matte’s are just as impressionable. Highlighting natural features like the cheekbones and t-line make for the ideal symmetrical and celebrity like profile. Come in or call to book your full free trial of your look for the big day!

With Love & Beauty,

Yudith + The Estherchic Team

Product of The Week: Yea Cosmetic’s Hydrating Protection Cream



So, there comes a specific sensation when your skin feels fresh before you go ahead and put your foundation on every morning. Even if your not a product using lady, how about the feeling of your face being shiny and moisturized throughout the day. We think it goes a long way to carry this kind of confidence on a daily basis.

Today we’re highlighting on of our hottest little numbers. Our Hydrating Protection Cream is on your Spring essentials list. It’s packed with SPF 30 so your protected from any sun exposure because we really don’t realize the long-term effects that binging on the sun can have on  our beautiful palettes. Remember, we only have one, treat it with love. It’s hydrating minerals nourishes tough skin patches and adds a supple glow upon penetration. Think of a cake with the perfect amount of filling. Yummy right? In being avid believers of kicking harmful toxins in our beauty regimen to the curb, no Parabens are used in this or any product under our roof. Indulge freely!

For usage, through some one every morning right after your cleansing routine and before your beauty combo, It’ll be the perfect filing between cakes. We hope we’ve made you and your skin hungry for hydration and this product can be found in-house at our Estherchíc location or conveniently online for $31.99. Stay protected and silky once all the fun in the sun comes around. See you next week for our depiction of the perfect eye cream!

With Love & Beauty,

Yudith & the Estherchic team


Calling out to Spring!

Hi Beauties!

So as a treat to you and in the spirit of bringing in a fabulous new season, we took to hosting a soiree that was fitting of Yea Cosmetics sassy new Spring collection. In considering the perfect Saturday gathering, we set up an afternoon filled with natural beauty, new product assortments and our desire of expanding of your own make-up artistry at home. We had our head makeup artist make-up 5 different human palettes aka real women with natural spunk, from different ethnicities to skin textures, and bring them right into the appropriate light of the season. Each model wore one of our new mineral lip colors were styled up in ensembles exhibiting the season’s hottest trends by our own wardrobe stylist, Cristina Pimentel. Flower power, vibrant lips and natural sass filled the air from start to finish. Raspberry lemonade and Madeline’s were popular with the crowd of beauty queens, amongst other things like Fetching, our take on the perfect Orange lip. We also debuted our pro-artist tools including a 11-piece brush set and a beauty sponge, because conquering a celebrity quality finish at home is essential and attainable. Take it from us! Speakers blared Beyonce best hits and the spirit of Spring was so very present.


We wanted to welcome a new fleet #chicettes into our home but we also wanted to exhibit how a new season also brings on a new nature. We’re undergoing exuberant changes to maximize every effort we produce and making sure each product in the hands of any beauty enthusiast is an absolute dream. Need to master your next makeup application or maybe your in need of a heavenly facial scrub? It would be our pleasure to walk you through mastering your beauty routine this and every season. Thank you for joining us and welcome to the Modern Esther! We can’t wait to see you again!


Yudith & The Estherchic Team